SYLLABUS: Byrd Troup and Roberts

Biology Syllabus  Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

  1.   Teacher Information   

Teacher Name:  Mrs. Byrd Troup / Mrs. Roberts    Room: 2258

Tutorial Days:  Wednesday

Mrs. Byrd Troup’s  E-mail:

Mrs. Roberts E-mail:

School Website:

School Phone #: 404-802-5200

Course Website:

Mrs. Byrd Troup School Phone:  (770) 742 – 9401

Mrs. Roberts School Phone:  (678) 775 – 8233

  1. Course Description and Objectives

During this course students will be introduced to the study of life and its characteristics.  They will explore the fundamentals of livings things through the chemistry of life, cells, cellular reproduction and the genetic code of life, DNA.  Students will study the ecological principals and the major ecological areas of the Earth.  Students will then study classification of organisms and the study of life from its origins through protists.  They will then continue the study of life by examining the plant kingdom in all its variety and specialization for survival.  They will investigate the characteristics of each major group within vertebrate and invertebrate animals as they conclude the course.

III. Materials and Supplies

Students MUST come prepared to class every day with the following materials:

  • 2 Composition Notebooks to be used for Interactive Notebook
  • One Ream of White Paper
  • Pens / Pencils
  • 2 Packs of Loose Leaf Paper
  1. Course Outline/Curriculum Overview
GPS Strands Units/Topics Semester 1 Units/Topics Semester 2
  1. Characteristics of Science
  2. Academic Knowledge
Intro to Science



Cell Structure

Cell Transport


DNA & RNA part 1

DNA & RNA part 2





Diversity of Life


  1. Primary Text(s)

Each student will receive a Glencloe Science: Biology textbook which will use for the entire year.  The books are issued during the first weeks of school and are collected during the final weeks of school.  In the event that a student loses the Glencloe Science: Biology textbook, they must pay a fee of $71.70 to replace the lost book.  If the fee is not paid, a hold is then placed on the student’s records and their clearance for graduation.

Honors Biology will use the Modern Biology Book with a fee of $80.00.

  1. Grading Policy:
Formative Pre-Assessment 0% Pre-Test/Diagnostic Test/Pre-SLO
Assessment During Learning 25% Performance-based Assessments/Quizzes
Group/Independent Practice (In Class) 40% Classwork/Projects/Labs/Group work
Homework 5% Homework
Summative Assessment 30% Culminating Projects/Unit Tests/Final Exam/Post-SLO

Grading scale         A:  90-100    B:  80-89    C:  70-79    F:   0-69

Grading Systems-Grading Expectations [See Board Policy IHA-R (1)]

2.1.    Students shall receive report cards after the end of the 9th, 18th, 27th and 36th weeks of the school year. The report cards received after the semester midpoints (9th and 27th weeks) will be considered progress reports for all students.

2.3.    For grades 6-12, evaluation of student mastery shall be cumulative for the semester.

2.4.    All students shall receive interim progress reports at least four (4) times per year—4.5 weeks into the school year and midway between report card issuance dates.


VII. Assessment Calendar

Unit/Benchmark Assessments

Final Exam (December/May)

GA Milestone/SLOs:.

VIII. Classroom Expectations:

Come to class prepared to focus only with the before mentioned material. Be on time and be prepared to learn. At all times everyone in this classroom will conduct himself or herself in a professional manner. ANY deviation from acceptable behavior shall require immediate attention up to and including referral to an administrator. Any student receiving a grade of 70% or below on any graded work is expected to see me for assistance.  Come prepared to discuss how to improve your performance.

Class Rules:

  1. Students must enter classroom with all supplies. Students who do not come to class prepared will face the following consequences:
      • Automatic detention and phone call home that day
  1. Students must enter on time and be on task when bell sounds. Students are expected to enter quietly and complete the sponge. Students who enter late will be marked late in the Infinite Campus attendance system, as per district requirements. Additionally, students will be upheld to the following tardy policy:
      • 1 tardy = verbal or written warning
      • 2 tardies = phone call home
      • 3 tardies = detention
  2. Students must be actively engaged in class 100% of the time (this means student has their head up and is on task). Students not in compliance with this policy will face the following sequence of consequences:
      • Warning
      • Phone call home
      • Detention
  1.  Students must have a grid in order to leave the classroom for any reason. Grids will    be  issued by advisory teachers.

Maynard Jackson High School has high expectations for all of its students. To ensure an engaging and cooperative work environment, students will be held to the following expectations:


R aise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking

E nter on time prepared and ready to learn with materials

S tay in your seat and ask for permission before you leave it

P ay attention, participate, and keep your head up and off your desk

E xpect the best of yourself every day (We Will!)

C are for your personal needs outside of the class.

T ake pride in your work, turn in Quality work on time.

Student Code of Conduct:

  • Students must be in compliance with the student dress code.
  • In conjunction with Atlanta Board of Education Policies, listed below are the consequences for electronic device (radios, headsets, headphones, CD players, MP3 players, cellular phones, video games, etc.) offenses. These devices are not allowed to be seen or heard during the instructional day from 8:10am – 3:15pm.

Students whose parents completed a permission form

      • First Offense – Confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian during a scheduled conference.
      • Second Offense – Confiscated and student fined $25 and one (1) day of OSS. Device returned when parent/guardian comes for a scheduled conference.
      • Third Offense – Confiscated and student loses privileges of possession for one calendar and imposed a $50 fine and thee (3) days of OSS.
      • Fourth Offense – Confiscated and student loses privileges of possession for one calendar year, fined $50 and referred to student tribunal.

Students whose parents have not completed a permission form

      • First Offense – Confiscated and student fined $25 and device returned to the parent/guardian during a scheduled conference.
      • Second Offense – Confiscated and student loses privileges of possession for one calendar and imposed a $50 fine and thee (3) days of OSS.
      • Third Offense – Confiscated and student loses privileges of possession for one calendar year, fined $50 and referred to student tribunal.
  • Students may only go to their lockers during the designated locker times.
  • Students must use the restroom during “passing time” between classes. Passes during class will only be issued for EMERGENCIES ONLY.
  • The “15/15 Rule” – Students may not leave the classroom during the first and last 15 minutes of class.
  • Students must adhere to proper behavior when traveling outside the classroom.


If any of the classroom expectations are not adhered to, the following consequences will be followed:

First offense– Warning

Second offense– Parent Phone call home & Detention

Third offense– Referral (ISS, Suspension, Parent Conference)

Fourth offense– 2nd Referral (Suspension, Parent Conference)

Fifth Offense– Tribunal

Make-up Policy

MAKING UP MISSED ASSIGNMENTS OR TESTS It is the student’s and parent’s responsibility to make arrangements for make-up work. Students should ask their teacher for any missed assignments on the first day they return to school.

Deficiency Notices and Progress Reports

The student will periodically receive from the teacher GRADE PROGRESS reports and DEFICIENCY NOTICES.  You should review with your parent(s) or guardian(s) AND they must sign and return both the GRADE PROGRESS REPORT and DEFICIENCY NOTICE on or before the assigned due date.

Expectations for Technology:

There may be times when the teacher will ask you to utilize your own technology during a class. This technology can include a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. When personal technology is not required by the teacher, the electronic device should be OFF and AWAY.

Academic Integrity

The Atlanta Board of Education recognizes that academic integrity is the foundation of academic excellence and student success. It is the responsibility of every student and employee to exhibit honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility in academic work at all times to support a positive learning environment in the school.  Violations of board policy JFA Academic Integrity shall be handled as violations of the student code of conduct and addressed via the progressive discipline guidelines in the Student Handbook.

Parent Expectations

Parental communication and involvement is essential to the success of all students.  We fully welcome your involvement. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher for updates and concerns. If a parent requests a conference, one will be scheduled as soon as possible.


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